Josephine Lay, Author and Poet

Josephine Lay will be joining us for the second time this year. Last year, she treated us to some poetry readings and excerpts from her book. This year she will be running a poetry workshop.

Josephine has loved reading fiction for most of her life and started writing around twenty years ago. She loves to play with words and explore her creativity through poetry and art. For the past four years, Josephine has been running creative writing classes for people interested in writing. Her published works include women’s fiction and poetry books, she is interested in philosophy and art in addition to writing.


Works by Josephine Lay

The Over 50’s Escort Agency

The man in the mirror; who is he?
Why does he keep appearing to this unnamed woman?
Why is she compelled to begin the story of Stan?
This middle-aged man is an unlikely hero but when he loses his job he has to dig deep to find his talents.
Two of his women friends suggest that he starts an unusual business; an escort agency for ladies over a certain age.
A warmly amusing and sensitive portrayal of life, love and sensual experiences, but there are darker currents that take both the writer and her hero into deeper waters.

Inside Reality

Inside Reality A selection of poems 2000-2016. They are a miscellany, each written with feeling at a specific moment of Josephine’s life. They are not, however, placed here in chronological order but in an arrangement that suits the spirit of their significance. This second edition contains an additional four new poems written in 2018.





Saffron Tones

A collection of short stories written over eighteen years consisting of  a different mixture of styles and themes.