John Lynch, Ghost Writer and Author

John Lynch will be speaking at the Oakwood Literature Festival for the second time. Last year, John was a panellist for a talk around historical fiction. This year he will be running a workshop on Ghost Writing.

John has been a writer since he was ten years old and stood on his primary school stage in Newcastle to read to the assembled children and their parents a story he had written. 1989 was his breakthrough year; he sold his first book to a publisher, his first short story to BBC Radio and his first article to a magazine. Since then he’s published contemporary and historical fiction as well as non-fiction in his own name, but mostly he ghost writes fiction and non-fiction for others.

John has spent a lifetime writing and continues to do so now. He has written almost fifty full length books as a ghostwriter and has also published some works in his own name.

John’s works in his own name:

A Just and Upright Man

Shortlisted for the Historical Novel Society’s 2015 Indie Prize

It is 1763. James Blakiston, overseer of Lord Ravenshead’s estate and a newcomer to the Durham parish of Ryton, is determined to solve the mystery of old Reuben Cooper’s murder – but he has no idea how to go about it. As enclosure threatens to make the poor even poorer, Blakiston follows one misguided hunch after another. The only thing that he can really be certain of is his love for the beautiful and spirited Kate Greener – a love he is determined to resist, for Kate is the daughter of a penniless labourer and Blakiston has in any case not recovered from being thrown over by the woman he believed loved him.

The Making of Billy McErlane

It isn’t the cards you’re dealt that count, but how you play the hand. Tears and laughter. Tragedy and triumph. Unbearable loss and the arrival of love. A story of iniquity and humanity you won’t want to put down, told with sometimes outrageous humor. It’s Life, Jim – just as we know it.

John Lynch has found his literary voice in this life story of disadvantaged soul, Billy McErlane. Having a harlot for a mother doesn’t make life easy and nor does going to jail at fourteen, but when he is reunited with his childhood sweetheart peace enters Billy’s heart. Then fate deals a wrecking blow. The book shows Billy through his own eyes and words as he learns to forgive, let go of the bad things in life, accept with grace the good things and finally reach out to others. It’s a coming of age book that begins in tragedy and ends in hope. A bittersweet story of love, loss and one young man’s refusal to accept what life offers.

Sharon White: Butterly

No-one gives Sharon a chance. Except Sharon.
Sharon woos like a female mantis: knowing that, when she’s done, the man may have to die. Only an idiot would fall in love with her. But South London isn’t short of idiots. In Sharon’s deprived childhood, Buggy was Top Cat—the one everyone went in fear of. Buggy ruled the roost and Buggy’s girlfriend could be the Number One female. So she married him. Of all the mistakes she could have made, that is the biggest. But mistakes don’t have to be final.



John will have two new books out by the time of the festival so watch this space!