AA Abbott, Thriller Writer

AA Abbott is a pen name for Helen, author of the Trail thriller series set in London and Birmingham. Helen has been telling stories all her life, beginning with her younger siblings when she was growing up.

City life and the business world feature in Helen’s books drawing on her experience of working in cities and the corporate world. Helen is based in Bristol in the English West Country, her career in finance took her to Birmingham and the City of London. Helen frequently returns to Birmingham, a city she loves.

Helen believes research is vital when writing about something she doesn’t know. Two of her books feature an obsessive killer desperate to escape from prison. She had help with books from prison officers and policemen. Helen enjoyed her research for the Vodka Trail (and who wouldn’t!) where she spent time investigating vodka manufacture and probably sampled along the way!

Helen writes dyslexia friendly books for those who struggle with with traditional paperbacks, and frequently speaks to book groups, business networks and social circles. She enjoys reading her thrillers and short stories at live fiction events. As a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, Bristol Fiction Writers’ Group, and Birmingham’s New Street Authors she dedicates much of her time to writing and supporting other authors.

AA Abbott will be sharing the floor with Jane Shemilt this year to speak about gritty fiction writing and her new book The Revenge Trail.

Books by AA Abbott

The Grass Trail

Shaun Halloran wouldn’t be in prison if Kat White hadn’t taken his gun. Pictures of the stunning blonde are plastered all over his cell. As soon as he can escape, she’s dead. But with his criminal empire crumbling, who can he trust?

Kat, panicked by poison pen letters, has nowhere to turn. Her parents are dead and her brother’s ill. Even her sexy new business partner may not be what he seems. When she receives life-changing news, vodka is the only answer…

A tense crime thriller with plenty of twists, “The Grass Trail” races through Birmingham, London and the former Soviet Union – tempting you to turn each page to the very end.

The Vodka Trail

As a teenager, Kat White ended up penniless when her parents died in a foreign prison. She blames Marty Bridges, her father’s business partner, for their deaths.

Now Kat wants to recover the family vodka business and stop Marty’s gravy train. But when she’s taken hostage by terrorists, Marty holds her life in his hands.

A compelling crime thriller, sizzling with suspense, seduction, tension and twists.

The Vodka Trail is Book 2 in the Trail series of crime thrillers set in London and Birmingham.

The Bride’s Trail

Twenty grand has vanished from Shaun Halloran’s casino, and so has gorgeous blonde croupier Kat White. Once he’s tracked her down, he’ll shoot first and ask questions later.

Amy Satterthwaite’s just learned Kat stole her ID for a sham marriage. Desperate to clear her name and save her friend from Shaun, she swallows her pride and turns to arrogant Ross Pritchard for help. But can they find Kat in time?

Twists and tension ensure this stunning crime thriller is a page turner. As Kat’s trail leads from London’s smart Fitzrovia to secret tunnels below central Birmingham, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Winner of a Chill with a Book Readers’ Award, The Bride’s Trail is Book 1 in the Trail series of crime thrillers. 

The Revenge Trail

Vodka To Die For?

Kat’s craft vodka brand makes it big, but a crazed murderer’s on her trail. Glamorous blonde Kat White makes the best vodka in the world. At last, her craft vodka from Birmingham is going places, while the mother who abandoned her faces financial ruin.

So does vodka salesman Marty Bridges. Kat doesn’t trust him, but she has to save his business or hers will go under too.

 That’s not her biggest problem. Crazed murderer Shaun Halloran wants to kill her, even if it means breaking out of jail to take his revenge. Kat dreams of love, riches and success in her life –  but shouldn’t she just focus on staying alive?

 With twists, tension, secrets and suspense – “The Revenge Trail” is a gripping crime thriller that will draw you into Kat’s exciting world.